What is the meaning of Petits Fours?

Unless you’ve studied French, you probably don’t know what the terms Petit Fours means?

It basically means appetizer – where in Australia, you will find delicious Petit Fours of the sweet variety, rather than savoury.

The direct translation is ‘small oven’ – meaning that the bite-sized morsel was baked in an oven.


A little bit of history of the little bits of deliciousness

Originally Petit Fours were pastries baked in the left over heat of large brick ovens. When those ovens were cooling down, it was the perfect time to bake something light that didn’t require high temperatures. Good use of heat to make a nifty treat, especially the magic of mini desserts.

The success of early petit fours from early 19th century France then spread throughout Europe as a tea-time delight. It’s no surprise why these delicacies became so popular. We’re talking the ‘in-thing’.

These days, having the option of sweet and savoury bite-sized nibblies works for any occasion. That’s why the charm of Petit Fours has made such a strong comeback – as if it ever went out of fashion.

Where Petit Fours are winners

You don’t need an excuse to try a Petit Four and you don’t need to feel guilty because they are so small and delightfully delicious.

They’re a guaranteed winner at almost any occasion or celebration you can think of;

• Weddings & Engagements

• Bridal Shower • Special Birthday

• Anniversary or Reunion

• Fancy Tea Party

Having the chance to offer a special delicacy to guests and showcase a unique style to the occasion can make it all the more memorable. It’s the little things that matter and these work wonders.

Who doesn’t love a little treat every now and then? No-one!

Yes, you could order a few larger cakes and have them sliced as thinly as possible, but it just doesn’t have the same air of grandeur and sophistication that a mix of delicious Petit Fours represent.

They’re dainty and delightful without the fuss that slices of cake can make. Everyone gets an individual delicacy. One of their very own mini desserts.

Variety is the slice of life

There are a huge number of cakes available throughout the world. Some with special ingredients, some with a special way of making and baking them and some that are straightforward and simple.

The great thing about Petit Fours is the fact that they offer so much variety and can cater to almost any taste.

Did you know that there are around 1 billion Petit Fours varieties? No, I didn’t think so.

That’s a whole lot of choice right there. The point being is that you aren’t limited to choosing between a handful of top eating options. You have everything from;

• Blood Orange

• Chocolate Curd

• Caramel

• Lemon

• Hedgehog

• Cherry and chocolate brownies

What don’t you have? That’s really the question.

It’s just another reason that people go crazy for the world of Petit Fours.

The Added Bonus

As if you needed another reason to choose Petit Fours for your next celebration or treat.

The colour options of specialties like meringues and tarts are made all the more eye-catching when they are small and delicious.

Having an array of delicacies that not only look good but taste sensational is what it’s all about. But where do you find the best of the best Petit Fours in Melbourne?

Here’s the answer.

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