How to find the creamiest of all Tiramisu cakes and how to share the love

Put your finger on the best mascarpone and sponge finger Tiramisu Cake

There are always two questions that come up when you talk about a Tiramisu Cake.

How do I stop at just one slice?

AND – Why?

Let’s face it, Tiramisu is super delicious as a dessert and it’s even better in the form of a cake.

The reason it is so hard to resist comes down to the luscious combinations of flavours. The magic is in the way it mixes mouth-watering mascarpone with the ‘best friends for your taste buds’.

Let’s just take a moment to look at what goes in to make this cake marvellous.

The ingredients of success

First off, it’s crucial that you have the best quality ingredients when it comes to a Tiramisu Cake.

Don’t scrimp or wimp out on what you are putting into the cake because it will ALWAYS affect what you get out of the cake – in looks and more importantly, taste-wise. The worst cake is a bland cake.

Go for the top shelf options in;

    • Sponge finger biscuits (no, no and no to cheap brands)

    • Fresh eggs – organic and free-range are best

    • Coffee liqueur (don’t overdo it with the dessert wine or Marsala)

    • Quality Mascarpone (it’s worth paying a little more and so are you)

    • Rich Dutch cocoa powder

You could go super fancy with your Tiramisu Cake and use grated dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder or add in a hot espresso coffee, even chocolate coated coffee beans for decoration. It’s a step too far and pretty much overkill.

The Pick Me Up Cake 

There’s a lot of different theories about Tiramisu - from who first created it to the actual meaning of the phrase. ‘Lift Me Up’, ‘Cheer Me Up’ and ‘Pull Me Up’ are just some of the variations, but we like the catchier ‘Pick Me Up’ because that is the intention and the result of eating it.

Having it as a dessert is delightful but there’s something special about enjoying it in the form of a cake and being able to share it.

Whenever you’re feeling a little less zing and spring in your step or your mood needs a boost, what better thing to lift your spirits than a Pick Me Up cake? 

That’s where Tiramisu Cake is a winner and of all the different names that are thrown around – one word should be at the centre of it all - ‘Delicious!’. 

What the FAQ?

There are several ways to make a Tiramisu Cake and that can lead to some confusion.

Here are just a few of the options to consider;

    • Egg whites or whipped cream?

The egg white option is lighter but the cream version adds an extra body to it

    • Short or long wait period?

Remember that tiramisu needs to be refrigerated for at least 6 hours. This is to make sure the coffee liqueur and flavours all soak into the sponge finger biscuits. You can even go as far as preparing it up to 2 days in advance. Leaving it in the fridge overnight is best.

    • Sponge finger biscuits or sponge cake 

It doesn’t matter but the drier – yes drier – the l biscuits or cake, the better. You want to soak the deliciousness into the pastry but don’t let it get soggy. Just a quick dunk or you’re sunk.

    • Masala, Kahlua, Cointreau or Irish Cream

There’s no right or wrong decision. Just remember that the alcohol content is going to stay. It’s not for kids to try and watch out for Gran and her 2nd piece.

This is a fiddly cake to make but the great taste means there will be no waste.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Forget the Do’s and remember the Don’ts when it comes to enjoying an exquisite Tiramisu Cake.

    1. Don’t overwhip the mascarpone.

    2. Don’t use instant coffee – it won’t be strong enough

    3. Don’t use ingredients that aren’t at room temperature – hello curdle and other disasters

    4. Don’t serve it straight away – it needs to slowly come together with patience and care

It’s a tricky cake to make. If you haven’t got time, don’t waste yours and the ingredients.

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