Privacy & Security

Alpen Delicious really values your privacy and takes great care protecting the information you provide us. The personal information we collect may include your:

  1. Name
  2. Delivery Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Mobile Number

The personal information we collect from you will be used in some or all of the following ways:

  1. To deliver the products you have purchased via the Alpen Delicious website
  2. To communicate with you during the delivery process of the product and for customer support purposes
  3. To provide you with relevant product information
  4. To send you marketing or promotional information from time to time. You can unsubscribe anytime.

Security of Your Personal Information

We assure you that all information we collect will be safely and securely stored.
We protect your personal information by:

  1. Restricting access to personal information
  2. Maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorised computer access
  3. Securely destroying your personal information when it's no longer needed for our record retention purposes

We do not store your complete credit card details anywhere - only the card type, expiration date and the last 4 digits of the number are stored for reconcilliation purposes.

If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact customer service.

Alpen Delicious is committed to complying with the Privacy Act and the National Privacy principles.